Friday, 9 January 2009

What reason is there to buy household appliances? Simply to amuse the cat of course. I bought a carpet cleaner and before I could open the box, much less get the cleaner out, Miss Tiggy had to be in the box "helping" and inspecting. This is her inspecting the packaging and sorting out the recycling.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Beads, Beads, Beads

As you open my blog you see these beautiful beads. They are totally recognisable as the work of Donna Kato, but I just thought I should say this on the blog. Although I love polymer clay and have taken loads of classes - to be honest - I never work at it long enough to produce anything fantastic, so Donna has let me use the picture of these beads! Just to make everyone green, I also own a bracelet with nine of them, they are fantastic to wear, although dangerous since I am given to making large hand gestures, and they have been known to fly off my wrist, fortunately so far, not hitting anyone!

I aspire to work with clay like Donna, but luckily for me, Dani will be teaching a class of things to do with scrap clay, and probably that will be the best class for me!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Swap the Swap

Lots of bookings coming in for Polymer Play Days, it looks like we will be another very international gathering.
I have organised classes in all kinds of crafts for about ten years now, and at Carnival in August 2008 I was thrilled to welcome for the first time people from Slovenia, The Czech Republic and The Isle of Man. This time they will be coming back but the new place so far is Norway, I have never welcomed a student from Norway before so I was really excited to get that booking. It is wonderful to meet people from all over the world and fortunately for me, they all speak English!

Now about the "Swap" at Carnival, we swapped Poker Chips (see above) but this is Polymer Play Days and I wanted something different. Originally I thought that we would swap buttons, but Pamela from Italy suggested that we swap beads since she rightly says she loves to look at her poker chips from Carnival but if she had beads, she could wear them! So, I have taken her suggestion and we are going to swap beads. If you want to make round flat beads that's fine - just thinking of those of you who like to make canes! Again, don't stress, this is just for fun, we nearly had a few heart attacks over the poker chips last August with everyone stressing, so remember, THIS IS JUST A BIT OF FUN.

I am so thrilled that so many friends will be returning in May which will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Busy Busy

The blog has been neglected for a few days, Christmas stuff and final arrangements for Polymer Play Days taking the time.

I am thrilled that Dani Torres Mancera has agreed to be our sixth teacher. Many of you know Dani but have not had an opportunity to learn from his interesting "take" on polymer clay, now is your opportunity! His class is most unusual and really speaks to me since it is using scrap clay and my pathetic attemps at polymer clay usually end up as scrap - so . . . Dani, maybe you will be my saving grace!

Also, new to the event is a chance for you to earn whilst you learn at Polymer Play Days. If you bring your work, ready priced and with a list of your items for sale, there will be a "shop" for you to sell your work. My friend Cathryn will display your work, run this shop and sell your work for you. I must stress though it must have a proper list and be clearly priced for her so she can keep track of everyone's work. I am also looking into the possibility of getting some ladies groups in during one evening to see the work for sale.

I note the euro to sterling exchange rate is very favourable for many of you. It might be an idea to pay early whilst it is good, or maybe you want to hold your nerve to see if it gets any better.

Every year I make myself a promise not to leave Christmas arrangements until the last minute, every year I end up running round like a mad thing trying to fit everything in. In past years I have had an excuse as I was busy running two businesses, but this year, no such excuse and still I let time slip away. Maybe I just like the buz of last minute shopping.